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About Us

About Comfort Homes and Business Properties

Vision: To create comfortable and vibrant communities

Mission: To provide the best possible experience through care and responsive action to tenant needs

With properties located in the North Valley, Downtown and University of New Mexico areas, Comfort Homes and Business Properties is the clear choice for both renters in Albuquerque, NM.

Our firm stands apart from others thanks to the close attention and care we provide to every person we encounter. When we work with potential renters, we make sure they know all their options so they can find the rental property that’s just right for what they’re after. We provide thorough tours of our properties and remain available to answer any and all questions.

Our communities are clean, quiet and respectful, giving tenants the peace of mind they need to enjoy a pleasant living experience. Comfort Homes and Business Properties is invested in its neighborhoods and started the Albuquerque Police Department Crime Free Multi Housing Program in its respective locations to promote security and community involvement.

Find out why so many people love being part of Comfort Homes and Business Properties. Get in touch to receive more information.


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